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tsunamivpn offers free vpn software, tsunamivpn free download

Hi to all readers who are eager to find free VPN services. You have just dropped at the right place about free VPN software,free VPN account and all things about Free VPN. We have covered many free VPN services providers,and today we are going to introduce another new VPN provider. This is a VPN provider from Philippines which opened its business from March,2011. This free VPN provider is TsunaimVPN. TsunaimVPN has more than 20 servers for you to choose from. These servers locat at US and EU. If you don’t want to buy a premium VPN, you can use their free trial VPN,which has a bandwidth limit of 200MB per day. What’s more, you can buy a premium account if the free trial VPN cannot satisfy you. They have a very free package for you to choose. The 3 month TsunamiVPN premium account cost as low as $10.
Every trial VPN sever allows 50 connections per time. So if there are too connections to the trial vpn, you may fail to connect to the trial VPN sever. Don’t worry! You can ask for a 3-day trial of premium VPN services. Just write to them an email about this at

TsunamiVPN is using OpenVPN protocol which is more secure and safe than the PPTP VPN. Just download the VPN software from TsunamiVPN official site
By the way, TsunamiVPN is compatiable with the OpenVPN software. So if there is OpenVPN already installed in your computer, there is no need to download the VPN software again,  get the configure information is enough.

You can find more VPN guides and helps in our blog or in the official site of Tsunamivpn.

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