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Share information about free vpn service,free vpn server,free vpn client and free vpn software download for windows pc,mac,iphone,ipad,android and blackberry. offers completely free and cheap OPEN vpn services

SumRando is a vpn service provider from South Africa and it offers really fast free vpn service.  SumRando randomizes your IP and secures and protects you privacy. When you connect through their service, you are just “some rando” on the internet. As most of vpn services, SumRando can protect your privacy well when you connected to the internet and break through the limitation of your local goverment. SumRando provides the best Vpn Services and perfect encryption for vpn connections using OPEN VPN technology. So SumRando is really reliable.

Unfortunately, it can not be used on mobile devices. So you can only use it on your PC. Download Sumrando vpn for windows from here and install it. After the installation,you can create an account now when you run it. To activate your account, you need to use your valid email. After finishing registration, you can begin to enjoy the free vpn services offered by SUmrando. Now,Sumrando only launches with VPN nodes in India, Sweden and New York.



My dear,blog readers, now your privacy are well protected by Sumrando because your information received and sent on the internet are encrypted.

The most amazing is that the services you get is really free. You don’t need to pay for it. But the data transfer is limited to 10GB per month. If you don’t watch tv,play games or download, it’s enough! Or you need to buy their services and it’s cheap!



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