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Psiphon 3 offers free vpn proxy and SSH for windows,SSH iphone,SSH Mac,SSH

As we all know, with VPN we are albe to bypass the strict IP limitations. If you are doing some offers or leads, you must find VPN service very useful. However,there are some cases VPN or SSH providers offers only the account information. In this case, you will need a connection tool to configure your SSH account. For those new who are not familiar with setting up a connection tool in your computer, there are frustrated back. Don’t worry, you can try Priphon3!

Priphon 3 is a new generation connection tool. It’s published by Priphon Inc. which is a big giant in the aspect of utilizing VPN and HTTP proxy,with an aim to offer you the best  access to the Internet with their connector. Psiphon 3 package contains a client application and dozens of servers. With the former one,you can configure the SSH information in your computer and with the later one you can direct your client traffic to the Internet. So if you have access to a Priphon server with a client, you are albe to get access to the pages and sites which are blocked for your IP or for the GFW reason.

So since there are so many advantages of this free VPN tool, how can we get thisfree VPN proxy connection tool? Just drop an email to You will get the latest version from its automated reply email. You will see the download link of this free VPN tool. By the way, Priphon 3 can update itself, so you can save time and trouble to update this VPN connection tool.

After you have successfully downloaded the client program, jsut install and run this VPN tool. You will see a green icon shows when your connection is completed. And then all your Internet traffict is flowing thtrough the connection tool. However, there are sometimes unwanted cases: the VPN protocol is blocked and connection timeout.

Still wonder is Priphon 3 safe? Of course, according to the the site,Priphon 3 will never let the thrid party know our information and privacy.

SSH for windows,SSH iphone and SSH Mac are also supported.

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